StoneFire TinyHouse Arts Village
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About the StoneFire Tiny House Art Village

The StoneFire Art Gallery

In 2011, Maxine Trainer found an abandoned tire store was on an out-parcel of a closed up shoppping mall. It was at a major intersection on a major highway running though Titusville FL. the retail space would make a great Art Gallery, and the garage bays would make wonderful workshops. She overcame various Bureaucratic obsticles and openned the Gallery and workshops in December of 2011.

The North Brevard Art In the Garden Program

Ms Trainer has a house and some land on Rock Pit Road and the intersection of Tropic St. One day, she caught a couple of neighborhood children vandalizing flowers in her garden. She rounded them up, and put them to work working on repairing the damage, and gardening in her 4 + acres around the house. She grew this encounter into the North Brevard Art In the Garden Program, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Donations provides scholorships to the children to take her classes on Art, Gardening, and Music.

Under Maxine's guiding hand, both children and young adults have been able to explore their passion for the arts, and grow as independent, self-confident individuals. Regardless of a child's circumstances, everyone comes into the garden with a clean slate to work from.

The Garden is a safe, creative environment in which all kids will develop their talents, skills and dreqams. It is a place where creative entreprenurial leadership qualities arte encouraged, and self-confidence can bloom.

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2017 - The Start of the StoneFire Tiny House Art Village

Max Trainer has now returned to Titusville, following lucrative travels in the Florida Keys, and the Carolinas. Now that she's once again in a stable location, she is preparing a mobile art installation that can be hauled to anywhere she wants. MAx is embracing the "Tiny House" movement, and is creating a numbrer of Tiny Housess on her titusville land, but will be able to mount them on flatbed truck trailers, and take them anywhere she wants.

Max is now looking for "In Kind" donations of Solar Power equipment, and Wi-Fi Mesh Routers so that the entire community of mobile Tiny Houses can be interconnected to The Internet via Mesh Routers.